DGLR published conference papers

Presented papers of conferences hosted by the DGLR are published either in the CEAS Space Journal, the CEAS Aeronautical Journal and for all none journal papers by the DGLR.
Due to constrains of the journal processes the non-journal papers are published as individual paper. The purpose of this document series is to provide a single source to access all published non journal papers.

This publication contains all paper presented at the German Aeronautical and Astronautical Congresses (Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress) not published in journals. They contain results and findings of all areas of aeronautical and astronautical science and technology. Typical area of interest includes flight physics and aerodynamics, structural mechanics and aeroelasticity, structures and materials, flight controls and flight mechanics, system engineering and air traffic management, communication, navigation and surveillance, aircraft design and propulsion, space systems, satellites, environmental control, operation, space debris, robotics, ground based support systems and aerospace medicine.

Editorial board:

Cross-cutting issues

  • Materials - processes - construction methods
    C. Weimer
    U. Breuer
  • Fluid- and thermodynamics
    C. Breitsamter
  • Avionics and mission technologies
    T. Wittig
    A. Schulte
  • System engineering and system management
    J. Majus
  • Aerospace medicine
    T. Pippig


  • Air traffic
    W. Grimme
    A. Paul
  • Manned aircraft
    D. Reckzeh
    E. Stumpf
  • Unmanned aircraft
    M. Uijt de Haag
    D. Sülberg
  • Cabins
    B. Nagel
  • Aeronautical propulsion
    G. Ebenhoch
    D. Peitsch
  • Flight mechanics and flight guidance
    F. Silvestre
    K. Lesch
  • Aviation history
    H. Sensen


  • Space technologies
    E. Stoll
    M. H. Obersteiner
  • Aerospace science and application
    C. Langenbach
    K.-P. Ludwig
  • Space and society
    C. Gritzner
    J. Schlutz

Publication ethics

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All included documents are individually archived at the German National Library and can be accessed via the provided URN.
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