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Gesuchter Beruf:Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Active Load Reduction on Subsonic Wings
Beschreibung:Background: Aircraft wings are subject to dynamic loads caused by unsteady gusts and flight maneuvers, which reduce passenger comfort and induce structural wing deformations that are typically countered by sturdier and, consequently, heavier wing designs. To reduce the wing weight, gust and maneuver load alleviation systems are already in use in today’s aircraft, where they dynamically actuate existing control surfaces like ailerons or elevators to alter the wing lift distribution during an unsteady load encounter. These systems, however, suffer from the relatively slow response of conventional control surfaces and therefore cannot exploit the full potential of gust and maneuver load alleviation. The Junior Research Group (JRG) on “Flow Physics of Load Reduction” within the SE2A (Sustainable and Energy Efficient Aviation) Research Cluster will contribute to the development of a new generation of Active Load Reduction systems by investigating the flow physics and control authority of dedicated flow actuators that have the potential to provide fast, efficient, and load-dependent lift redistribution over the entire wingspan.
The PhD-Researcher Position B2.B focuses on wind tunnel tests and unsteady flow simulations of 2D airfoils and 3D wings with dedicated flow field actuators for subsonic flow conditions. The position will closely collaborate with a second PhD-Researcher within the JRG and other groups of the SE2A Cluster.

Specific Tasks for Position B2.B:
• Survey and preliminary investigation of potential actuator concepts
• Numerical analysis of selected actuator concepts on 2D wing sections and fully-3D wings
• Design, manufacturing, and testing of 2D and 3D wind tunnel models for validation experiments
• Development, optimization, and validation of Reduced Order Models based on numerical and experimental data
• PhD degree can be acquired

Who we are looking for:
• Outstanding candidates who have completed or are in the process of completing a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or a comparable field
• Team-oriented, reliable, and self-motivated work attitude
• Solid knowledge of fluid mechanics, ideally flow control, experimental methods, and CFD
• Experience with one or more of the following techniques: force balances, surface pressure measurements, Particle Image Velocimetry, wind tunnel testing
• Excellent oral and writing skills in English
• Good programming skills (e.g. C, C++, Fortran, Python), Linux
• Experience with Matlab, CAD software, FE analysis, and reduced order models is an advantage

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