R 1.2: Vorträge im Rahmen der|1st DGLR/CEAS Conference

Vorträge, gehalten im Rahmen der 1st CEAS Conference 2007, Berlin:


M. Obersteiner, R. Janovsky

Demand / Market Analysis

Ch. Gritzner, M. Obersteiner

System Concepts

J. Kauffmann

Propulsion and Structures

R. Lo, W. Zinner, R. Pernpeintner

Missions, Operations & Ground Infrastructure

M. Gräßlin, O. Kalden

Development and transportation costs of space launch systems

D. E. Koelle, R. Janovsky

Survey of Agency Programmes and Budgets Dedicated to Demonstration
and Development Available for German Space Industry

R. Pernpeintner, D. Sygulla