AeroDays 2020

#AeroDays2020: A hybrid event ready for take-off!

As you already know, registrations to the #AeroDays2020 are open!

On our new website, you will find:

As the #AeroDays2020 are a partly virtual event, we thought that we would like to share with you some more information on how you can actively participate in the event and make the most out of it:


  • How can I participate? The virtual event will take place on a portal set up especially for this purpose. You will receive your personal access code by email a few days before the opening of #AeroDays2020. The portal has three key areas: the Lecture Hall, the Exhibition Area and the Networking Lounge. Each area offers unique possibilities to participate and interact with other attendees.

  • What is the Lecture Hall? The main programme of the #AeroDays2020 takes place in the so-called lecture hall: participants will be offered an inspiring program with high-level keynote addresses, panel discussions, interview situations, deep-diving market inputs as well as game-changing talks and conversations with business, research and innovation leaders from across the aerospace and air traffic industry. These different input formats will be organized around thematic hubs at the Berlin Aviation Summit and at the #AeroDays2020 FORUM. As a listener, you will have the possibility to ask questions, contribute to live-voting queries and receive further information on the panel topics as well as the speakers.

  • What about the Exhibition Area? #AeroDays2020 special partners such as the European Commission, Airbus, Boeing, Avio Aero, MTU Aero Engines, SAP, Rolls Royce, SCHAEFFLER Aerospace, Clean Sky 2, SESAR as well as the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) will present their organizations and companies, products and services as well as get in touch with interested guests and visitors at their virtual exhibition booths.

  • How to connect with each other in the Networking Lounge? Personal interaction and networking possibilities are a highly important part of virtual events, too. This is why we provide our guests with extensive opportunities to get in contact with like-minded aerospace enthusiasts via group and one-on-one chats, virtual coffee tables and virtual meet and greet situations.

Learn more about the #AeroDays2020 virtual platform as well as their individual event rooms and their exciting new features within our next newsletter!

Last but not least, some more information about the logistics of the virtual event:

What are the technical requirements to be able to follow the event as a virtual guest?

  • You should provide an internet connection of at least 15 Mbit download and 3.5 Mbit upload for video chats

  • We suggest that you connect your PC/Laptop via LAN (WLAN makes the connection slower)

  • Please use the latest version of either Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge. Please do not use Internet Explorer!

  • For participation only, you do not need a camera and/or microphone

  • In case you want to join the networking area to connect with other guests, you need a camera and a microphone

  • Please make sure upfront that you grant the system access to camera and microphone

  • Please make sure that your microphone is at 100%

  • Please check upfront that your camera is working properly

  • Please check that your browser accepts "Autoplay"


#AeroDays2020 Partner's Section:

MTU Aero Engines
Paving the way to emissions-free flight!

Emissions-free flight is the overall goal for the future. MTU Aero Engines is working on evolutionary engine solutions for tomorrow and revolutionary concepts for the future.

Its technology roadmap pursues two main objectives: one is refining the Geared Turbofan™ combined with revolutionary propulsion concepts. Another is electrifying the powertrain as far as possible to minimize in-flight emissions. In MTU’s view, the focus is quite clearly on the fuel cell.

Germany’s leading engine manufacturer is also focusing on sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs). Aviation has to shift away from burning fossil fuels because the only way to achieve the ambitious climate protection goals for 2050 is through the use of SAFs. For MTU, hydrogen is the fuel of the future. It can be used in three ways: direct combustion in the gas turbine, converting hydrogen into electrical energy with a fuel cell and converting hydrogen into SAFs. Read more about the MTU technology roadmap here.

Avio Aero

The GE Catalyst is the first clean-sheet, all-European turboprop engine in the last 40 years. Its top-notch technologies derive from the studies and research that was conducted within the Clean Sky 2 Maestro project, which is part of the largest European research program devoted to the decarbonization of aviation. The Maestro project aims to reduce CO2, NOx and noise emissions for engines in the small transport aircraft segment.

These new technologies, together with the widespread use of Additive Manufacturing, the highest proportion in any engine, and the highest compression ratio in it’s class (16:1) will enable an approximately 15% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the average in its segment (1100-1300 hp range). These are step-change performances that set the GE Catalyst apart from the other turboprops. READ the full story here.


A newly-launched SESAR project, FMP-MET will address how to better predict and assess the impact of the weather on air traffic operations. SESAR recently interviewed Alfonso Valenzuela, one of the principal researchers who explains that poor meteorological conditions is the cause of an estimated 20 % of all traffic delays in Europe. Predicting the weather relies on timely and accurate forecasts, which is easier said than done given how quickly the conditions can evolve. For more information on the future of the Digital European Sky, download the draft Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda.

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The #AeroDays2020 Organisation Team

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