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#AeroDays2020: A hybrid event ready for take-off!

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This year, the #AeroDays2020 will be taking place in a format adapted to the current COVID-19 situation with an on-site-program for speakers and guests on the stage of the Meistersaal in Berlin along with an online-service via our streaming platform for virtual participants.

For both #AeroDays2020 technical events, the high-level and by invitation opening event Berlin Aviation Summit (#BAS2020) on 24 November as well as the open innovation and technology platform #AeroDays2020 FORUM on 25/26 November 2020, hybrid event platforms will be set up.

On the virtual event platforms, participants will be offered an inspiring program with high-level keynote addresses, panel discussions and interview situations, deep-diving market inputs, networking opportunities, and extensive exhibition space. Guests will be invited to ask questions, participate in surveys and get in touch via video chats.

After logging in, guests enter the lobby, which serves as the starting point of their exciting stay on the virtual #AeroDays2020 event platforms. From there, guests will be able to access all virtual rooms (e.g. Lecture Hall, Networking Lounge as well as Exhibition Space) and program items (such as group and one-on-one chats, virtual meet&greets, deep dives, and breakout sessions as well as a virtual exhibition with company and product presentations).

Learn more about the #AeroDays2020 virtual platforms as well as their individual event rooms and their exciting new features within our next newsletter!

#AeroDays2020: Aviation for the Future - Change is Now!

Two technical events – the Berlin Aviation Summit and the FORUM – form the core parts of #AeroDays2020 in Germany. At the high-level opening event, Berlin Aviation Summit on 24 November key players from all relevant stakeholders will share and discuss technology perspectives, investment strategies, and policies. The talks and panel discussions at the innovation platform #AeroDays2020 FORUM will dive into some more level of detail, address a wider audience, and invite all participants to a dialogue. The evening reception of the German EU-Council Presidency hosted by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy will complete the #Aerodays2020 in Berlin.

BAS2020 - #AeroDays2020 Forum

Day 1 – 24 November 2020:
Berlin Aviation Summit & Evening Reception of the German EU Council-Presidency

In times of political and societal demand for emission-free aviation, the future of aviation is under scrutiny. What are the major challenges for the commercial aviation business in the future? Will passengers be willing to pay the bill for climate-neutral aviation? Which technological innovations will be necessary to produce future aircraft? How can we increase efficiency in air traffic management while maintaining the highest safety standards? And, in particular, most recently, how does the current crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic affect aviation today and in the future? The answers to these and many other questions will shape the future of aviation and liven up the title of the event Aviation for the Future - Change is Now.

At the 2nd Berlin Aviation Summit, high-ranking representatives from all relevant fields will address these questions from economic, political, technological, and scientific perspectives. The summit offers key players in politics and science, industry, finance, energy, and global air traffic a platform to share and discuss technology perspectives, investment strategies, and policies.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier, President Boeing International Sir Michael Arthur, EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky, Global Chief Economist MunichRE Michael Menhart and CEO Airport Hamburg Michael Eggenschwiler have already confirmed their participation as speakers or panelists. We also look forward to welcoming Member of the European Parliament Marian-Jean Marinescu, General Manager Advanced Technology at GE Aviation Arjan Hegeman, Rolls Royce CTO Paul Stein as well as COO MTU Aero Engines Lars Wagner. Moreover, we are thrilled to announce that also Market Expert and Vice-President Analysis Teal Group Richard Aboulafia, Managing Director SkyNRG Maarten van Dijk, Co-President Club of Rome Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Executive Director SESAR Florian Guillermet, Executive Director Clean Sky 2 Axel Krein, Director Network Management EUROCONTROL Iacopo Prissinotti, as well as ATI CTO Simon Weeks, confirmed their participation, too. Moreover, #AeroDays2020 organizing representatives Director-General DG RTD European Commission Jean-Eric Paquet, DLR Executive Board Member for Aeronautics Prof. Rolf Henke, President & Director General INCAS Catalin Nae and CEO MTU Aero Engines & BDLI Executive Board Member for Aviation Reiner Winkler will participate at the Berlin Aviation Summit as well.

Following the #BAS2020, an evening reception of the German EU-Council Presidency hosted by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy will complete the first day of the #AeroDays2020. These events are by invitation only and will follow Chatham House Rules.

Day 2 & 3 – 25-26 November 2020:
#AeroDays2020 FORUM

The innovation platform #AeroDays2020 FORUM aims to provide feasible technological solutions to the strategies discussed at the #BAS2020. By concentrating on research, technology and innovation as enablers of climate neutrality, environmental protection and industrial leadership, the talks and panel discussions at the FORUM will address the aviation’s most urgent - and fascinating - issues.

During the #AeroDays2020 FORUM senior executives from different units of the European Commission will discuss the future of aviation and the implementation of EU policy priorities, e.g. the European Green Deal, with leading representatives from the aviation industry and research.

Amongst others, the FORUM will feature the following thematic clusters:

  • CTO’s of leading aerospace aircraft and engine manufacturers (OEMs) discussing industry roadmaps and expectations with regard to policy frameworks

  • Experts in the field of energy transition in aviation from leading-edge companies and research institutions addressing challenges and opportunities of the aviation sector’s way to climate-neutrality by 2050

  • In-depth presentations of green innovations in aircraft and engine manufacturing such as ultra-advanced aircraft configurations, the next generation of multifunctional fuselage design, new systems concepts as well as the next generation of competitive, efficient low-emissions small aircraft

  • High-Level discussions on the digital transformation of aeronautics as the key process to further increase efficiency and enhance competitiveness of aerospace companies within a globalized market environment

  • Deep-diving exchange on digital solutions for automated air traffic management (ATM) infrastructure as a critical parameter for making aviation more scalable, economically sustainable, environmentally efficient, predictable and resilient

  • Visionary outlooks to aviation’s game-changers of tomorrow: electric and autonomous modes of air traffic and transport

The #AeroDays2020 FORUM will be open to all digital visitors and serve as a platform for the dissemination and implementation of world-leading EU projects and technical programs based on the Horizon 2020 framework. Due to valid distancing measures, only a limited number of physical visitors will be accepted.


#AeroDays2020 Partner's Section:
Stay tuned on their latest HORIZON2020 projects!

RoRCraft - RotorCraft Fuselage Manufacturing for LifeRCraft Demonstrator

In its pursuit to create an empowering space in which Romanian research organizations are encouraged to participate in Horizon 2020 projects, the Romanian Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI) awarded the National Institute for Aerospace Research (INCAS) for its RoRCraft - RotorCraft Fuselage Manufacturing for LifeRCraft Demonstrator project. Through the "Rewarding participation in Horizon 2020" funding instrument, UEFISCDI was delighted to contribute to the RoRCraft’s mission to develop a new generation of rotorcraft technology.

How H2020’s ReMAP is paving the way towards more efficient maintenance strategies

In times of ongoing needs for cost-reduction, moving towards condition-based aircraft maintenance could not be more relevant. With a consortium of 13 partners including operators, OEMs, technology providers and researchers, H2020's ReMAP is paving the way towards more efficient maintenance strategies. The project aims to deliver an end-to-end solution for CBM, from sensor to prognostics-based decision support. The various technologies will be integrated into a platform that facilitates secure access to airline data for prognostic model developers, and vice versa. The technologies will be demonstrated by KLM in Q3 2021. Partners involved are TU Delft, ATOS, CEDRAT, ENSAM, Embraer, IPN, KLM, ONERA, Optimal, Smartec, UTRC-I, University of Coimbra and University of Patras.

How innovation can support airport operations in a post-COVID world

How can innovation help airports in a post-COVID world? That is the question that members and partners in the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) are investigating. They are looking at solutions in the SESAR research and innovation pipeline that could help airports adapt their operations to the new normal, as well as technologies that could build resilience especially among hard-hit small to medium airports.

EU-funded I2BS-Project (Integrated Intelligent Bearing System)

In order to schedule aero-engine overhauls and repairs when they are needed instead of performing them at fixed intervals (time or operating cycles), aero-engine bearings should be monitored in real-time. Clean Sky's I2BS-project deals with the task of developing intelligent bearings that monitor their condition with the help of sensors and send this data wirelessly to an evaluation system. One challenge is to power the sensors, which is to be solved by generating power with energy harvesting inside the aero-engine. This project is led by SCHAEFFLER Aerospace Germany.

Open ScienCe Aeronautic & Air Transport Research (OSCAR)

The Support Action OSCAR addresses the current perception, acceptance, and implementation of Open Science in the field of European AAT research and in those fields where European AAT research issues interact with e.g. other transport modes and technology exchange. It aims to pave the way towards Open Science in European aviation research by detailed analysis of the landscape and by developing, validating, and promoting a suitable Open Science concept. Representatives of European Stakeholder organisations like EASN, EREA and ASD are contributing to this project.

For almost three decades, the European Aeronautics Days (AeroDays) have been the leading event in aviation research and innovation, mirroring the priorities and strategies set within the European Union Research Framework Programmes. The eighth AeroDays builds on the achievements of Horizon 2020, the biggest EU research and innovation program to date, and will be based on a new approach by integrating two events organized as Tandem-AeroDays19.20, in Romania in 2019 and Germany in 2020. The synchronized approach will bridge the achievements of Horizon 2020 with the strategic goals and expectations for the next decade. It offers the chance to fuel European and national competitiveness in aeronautics and the air transport sector and to reinforce the academic, research and industrial network of all EU member states. Under the patronage of the European Commission and the Federal Republic of Germany, which will hold the EU Council-Presidency in the second semester of 2020, the #AeroDays2020 will convene decision-makers to discuss the future of aeronautics and the global air transport.

We thank everyone for the strong interest in the conference and will keep you updated on the #AeroDays2020 during the following months up to the event!

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