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Universität der Bundeswehr München

Research Assistant

Gesuchter Beruf:Multi-Vehicle Mixed-Initiative Mission Planning
Beschreibung:Prof. Axel Schulte, Chair of Aircraft Dynamics and Flight Guidance, Institute
of Flight Systems, is inviting applications for a fulltime position.

Artificial Intelligence is breaking ground in a wide range of application
fields, such as autonomous unmanned systems. Human utilization of
such systems requires new approaches of human-machine cooperation.
In our internationally recognized research group, you will have the
opportunity to tackle the challenges of human-autonomy teaming in
aeronautical applications. Advance your personal and technical skills
in research and development of automated planning methods,
cognitive engineering, and testing in virtual environments. Apply today.

You like to develop your professional career
­ in prototyping and programming
­ as part of a young, dedicated, and enthusiastic team
­ becoming a doctor of engineering

You are an above-average Master of Science or Engineering in
­ aeronautical, or mechanical, or electrical engineering, or
­ computer science, or
­ cognitive ergonomics

You will develop, integrate, and test prototypes
­ for manned-unmanned multi-vehicle mission planning
­ using artificial intelligence and machine reasoning algorithms
­ in a full mission helicopter simulator

Share our passion in developing innovative cockpit and automation
systems for manned and unmanned flight. Support our vision of
integrating the two most disruptive innovations of the century, aviation
and computer science. Take benefit of our excellent lab facilities.
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