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Doktorand, Phd, Researcher

Gesuchter Beruf:Researcher in Flight Testing and Instrumentation for Unmanned Aircraft (UAS)
Beschreibung:As member of the department of Aerospace Engineering at the Technical University Munich the Institute for Aircraft Design is focusing on aircraft design and aircraft operations. The research is dedicated to the areas of „scenario analysis, future trends and technologies“, „aircraft design for civil and military operations“ and „operational analysis and evaluation“. The combination of these research focus areas provides an ideal platform for interdisciplinary research.

You should hold a MSc. or Dipl. degree in aerospace or mechanical engineering well above average and you should have experience with experimental testing either in ground based testing or even in flight testing. Fundamental knowledge of the key disciplines in aerospace engineering and especially in aircraft design and performance assessment as well as expertise in instrumentation, data processing and analytics. Expertise in inflight data acquisition, processing and communication are advantageous. Experience in interdisciplinary work as well as teaching is appreciated as well as interest in cooperation with other groups, communication skills and good writing skills in English to publish scientific papers.
Stadt:Garching b. München
Art der Anstellung:Befristete Anstellung
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