International Symposium

The Role of Pilot Modelling in Evaluation of Handling Qualities

DGLR International Workshop hosted by EADS Military Air Systems

from 11 to 13 November 2008
in Manching
at EADS Military Air Systems


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

from 12:00 h

Arrival and informal get-together

14:00 h

General Aspects

14:30 h

P. Hamel, formerly DLR Institute of Flight Systems
"A Selected Review of Flying Qualities Research at DLR

15:15 h

R. Smith, Consultant, NTPS, formerly NASA Dryden
Handling Qualities Overview - A Practical Perspective

16:00 h


16:15 h


17:00 h

End of first day

19:00 h

Reception “kelten-römer-museum-manching” (Entrance from 18:00 h)

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Session I

8:30 h

R. Osterhuber, M. Hanel, H.-Chr. Oelker, EADS Military Air Systems
Status of Handling Qualities Treatment within industrial Development Processes and Outlook for future Needs

8:45 h

H. Duda, DLR Institute of Flight Systems
Observations on Air and Road Vehicle Handling Qualities

9:00 h

A. V. Efremov, Moscow Aviation Institute
Moscow Aviation Institute Experience on Pilot-in-the-Loop Investigations

9:15 h

A. Lambregts, FAA
“Direct Flight Path Control and the Need for an Adapted Pilot Model”


Discussion for Session I

10:00 h


Session II

10:30 h

R. Hess, University of California Davis
A Multi-Axis Pilot Model with Applications to Aircraft Handling Qualities Assessment

10:45 h

A. Kokolios, S. Naylor, NAVAIR
Modelling Pilot Inputs using CASTLE

11:00 h

O. Stroosma, TU Delft
TU Delft’s Cybernetic Approaches to Handling Qualities Research

11:15 h

D. Bieniek, S. Amelsberg, A. Schönfeld, R. Luckner, TU Berlin
Pilot Models for Wake Vortex Encounter Assessment

11:30 h

Discussion for Session II

12:00 h


Session III

14:00 h

W. Gray, USAF Test Pilot School
“Identifying and Modelling Boundary Avoidance Tracking”

14:15 h

M. Hanel, R. Osterhuber, EADS Military Air Systems
Discussion of typical Problem Areas in Handling Qualities within industrial Aircraft Development (Roll Ratcheting, Flight Path Display Dynamics)

14:30 h

D. Ossmann, O. Brieger, DLR Institute of Flight Systems
Development of a Pilot Model for Air-to-Surface Tracking from Flight Test Data

14:45 h

M. Turner, University of Leicester
Application of a Pilot Model within the SAIFE Flight Test Experiment

15:00 h

Discussion for Session III

15:30 h


15:45 h

Final Discussion, Résumé, Closing

16:30 h

End of Workshop


Thursday, 13 November

10:00 h

EADS Main Gate, Site Tour

Photos from the event