Fachauschußtagung,|16./17. Juni 1995, Cottbus


Table of Contents

B. Knauer

Research and Tecnology Needs for LTA Flight Systems

M. Mandel

Development Status of the Zeppelin LZ N07

A. A. W. Khammas

Utilisation of Modern Airships in Congested Areas

B. Knauer, R. Scharenberg

Airship Design and Constraction as a Bilateral Challenge

S. John, P. Kaukel

Tentative Estimate of Operations Costs of LUTS-2
Airships for. Environmental Monitoring

Th. Lutz e.a.

Drag Computations on Bodies of Rotation w.r.t. Laminar/Turbulent Boundary Layer Transitions

C. von Gablenz

The Global TransPark Network - A Concept for the 21st Century Economy

H. H. Westerholt

LTA CargoLifter 2000

J. K. Bock

LTA Heavy Cargo Carrier- Analysis of Technical Feasibility

H. W. Arnold

Tentative Cost Estimate of a Heavy Cargo Balloon

V. I. Utchvatov

Problems of Developing Control Systems for Aerodynamic Airships

M. Prang

Development of Structural Components

J. K. Bock

Rigid Airship Baseline Configuration

U. Scheibe, J. Weissbach

LTA Infrastructure Project in Kittlitz/Lübbenau