Fachauschußtagung,|25. September 1996, Dresden


Table of Contents

M. Mandel

Present Status of Constraction and Development of LZ N07

C. Klihnel, S. John

Economy of Airships - Analytical Comparisation of Six concepts

B. Knauer, R. Scharenberg

Feasibility Study on German/Russian Cooperation w.r.t. LTA Development and Production

W. Hallmann, E. PIescher

Infrared Tests on Hot Air Balloon Envelopes - Results

W. Hallmann, U. Herrmann,
B. Justen, V. Schmidt

Two Technical Notes on Hotair Airships

Th. Lutz, U. Rüger, S. Wagner

Theoretical Investigations w.r.t. Minimizing Aerodynamic Drag of Airship Hulls

W. Hallmann, K.R. Schreitmüller

Study Discussion w.r.t. a Power-Generating Stratospheric Balloon and a Cargo Carrier Balloon up to 600 Tons

J .K. Bock

The Spherical Airship as a Heavy Cargo Carrier - a Parametric Analysis

F. Weiss

Selection Criteria for Airship Propulsion, Maneuvering and Hoisting Systems